There are numerous types of labor move. 

One thing they have in common is that they are done without the usage of a truck.
Here are a few of them:

-Loading the items


-Moving within a building

-Moving within a block

-Moving within a home

These are the most common types of labor only moves.

When it comes to the loading of the items, usually clients want us to load the items into a trailer, POD, Uhaul, truck or sometimes into a container.
Move would start as all of our regular moves do. We would disassemble the furniture and wrap everything up.
However, when it comes to the unloading of a trailer, POD, Uhaul, container, we would mainly just do the hard labor and of course assembly of what we can and repositioning of the items.
Moving within the building entails us sometimes using an elevator and providing necessary paperwork like in Apartment Moves.

The difference between moving within a building and moving within a block without using the truck is for example moving to the next entrance. In order to speed things up, we will bring dollies and tools.

Last type of Labor move is moving within a home, residence, commercial space and similar.
This means that the clients want us to rearrange the furniture within a space or maybe move something from a second floor to the basement.

All of these moves are easily performed once you have the best moving crew in the city of Philadelphia.