Moving can be stressful. We are well aware of that. However, we chose to change that a move at a time. One of most common types of moves we perform are apartment moves.
There are a couple of things to know when moving into an apartment or moving from one.

First of all, check if we need to use an elevator. If we do need to use it, make sure that we have a sport reserved for the move if the building requires that.
Secondly, check if the building’s HOA has any special requirements for movers. For example some buildings dont allow moves to be performed after 5 pm or during the weekend.
In addition, check if we need to bring any additional paperwork. Most common piece of paperwork we bring is COI ( Certificate of Insurance).

After we are done with the red tape and the technicalities, make sure to be there at the pick up and delivery to guide movers through. They will disassemble the furniture, wrap it with plastic wrap and blankets and move all the boxes needed.
At the destination, everything will be assembled back. Also, at no extra cost, we will reposition all of the heavy furniture pieces.

Our prices include tax and they are all guaranteed.
We want to make sure that moving is a pleasurable experience for you. So, if you wish to move an apartment we are a click away.