1. Are movers usually late?

Some movers are late, but we here at the Moving Boys Philadelphia value punctuality. Our movers will give you a call 30 minutes prior to arrival to give you a heads up that they are coming.

2. Are movers licenced?

We are licenced and insured company. When it comes to the insurance we can offer basic moving insurance that all licenced companies have.

3. Are movers more expensive on the weekends?

Some moving companies base prices on availability. Our best suggestion would be to discuss a couple of best moving dates for you if you are flexible to check for a difference in the rate.

4. Where to find movers who pack and move?

Packers and movers in Philadelphia are easy to find. We can be at your disposal every day. Our premium service is only a click away.

5. What will movers not pack?

Movers are not allowed to pack and move living organisms and flammables.

6. How many movers should I hire?

The best way to know how many movers you should hire is to discuss this with your dedicated moving consultant. They will make sure to find the best moving solution for you.

7. Why use professional movers?

If you wish for all of your items to be safely packed and moved and in a timely manner, it would be best for your items to be moved by a professional moving company.

8. Will movers move plastic bins?

Yes, they will. Movers can move all types of bins, boxes and suitcases.

9. Will movers take my bed apart?

Yes. As a standard moving procedure, we will make sure to disassemble your bed and reassemble it at noxtra charge.

10. Will movers disconnect the washing machine?

All licenced and insured movers are not allowed to disconnect appliances due to liability reasons. The best thing for you and your peace of mind would be to hire a handyman to assist you with this.