So you decided to move locally in Philadelphia, congratulations! So, are you looking for a local moving company in Philadelphia? Or are you planning to move by yourself? Here are the best 12 moving tips that might help you to answer all of these questions and prepare you for your local move.

1. Professionals or DIY?

So, one of the things people usually spend most time contemplating is if they should hire professional movers or move the items on their own. Now bare in mind that moving on your own requires a lot of preparation. Usually it looks like this:

-Planning a move
– Renting a truck
-Planning packing
-Contacting friends and relatives
-Reassembling items / hiring a handyman
-Protecting and packing the items
-Loading the bulky furniture with friends and family
-Driving the truck
-Unloading the items
– Assembling the items and repositioning them

Seems like a whole lot of work, doesn’t it? If you get a proper professional moving company local in Philadelphia, all of this becomes a dream.

2. Set the budget

So if you decided to hire professionals, it is the time to talk about the money. Set the budget keeping in mind that sometimes it is better not to contrat those cheap movers that have a two star rating, but maybe stretch the budget and hire professionals. In addition, packing by yourself might save you money, but it will definitely take your time. So that’s another food for thought.

3. Google it!

Now it is time to do the research. Once you determine the budget start gathering quotes. Type best local moving companies in Philadelphia or movers near me for the best results. You most likely won’t find the best fit right away but do not lose spirit! Moving industry is large and there will be a good fit for you, just keep calling.

4.Things to watch

In addition to being a large industry, moving is known as a nautorius business. There are a lot of unlicensed shell companies around. So, what you need to do is:

1. Check the reviews
2. Ask if they are licenced and Insured
3. Ask if they offer insurance

Most importantly:
5. Get all information in writing

Prices, confirmation of the reservation, receipts – ask for everything to be sent via email. This will ensure you if something goes wrong along the way. Most local moving companies in Philadelphia require deposits, so ask for the deposit receipt as well.

6. Lock it in

Now, along the way there must be a company that you found that fits most of your needs. If you have one in mind, do not hesitate to lock in the date. Philadelphia’s moving is at the all time peak now, so you should try and lock in the date as soon as possible. Moving companies lose availability pretty quickly so do not hesitate to secure a date as soon as you can.

7. Prepping 

Now, there are few things to think about here.  First of all, you need to think if you want to pack yourself or you wish for movers and packers to do that for you. Packing on your own will take some time and preparation, but it might save some money. Having your items packed by professional movers will definitely take less time and less stress.
In addition, now it is a good time to organize a garage sale or disposal of unwanted and unused items.
Less items for moving means less time movers will hang around, which means less money will be spent.

8. Packing

Now, if you’ve decided to pack by yourself, first start with planning the process. First of all you will need to buy boxes of all sizes.
Secondly, you need to plan out what to pack and when. Start from the items you do not use and pack little by little, room by room. If you decide to be packed by movers, sit backs and relax.

9. Day before the move

No matter if you are packing on your own or you have professional packers, one thing you should do in both cases one day prior to the move is pack a bag of necessities. Those range from toilet paper, water, snacks, sanitizers, napkins, medicaments if you need some. Trust us, you will be glad you brought a small pick me up candy to settle the hunger during the move. Also, as much as possible, try to have a good night’s rest. And defrost the freezer. 

10. Moving date

Try to get up a bit before movers arrive and have a proper breakfast and a cup of coffee. Once movers arrive you will be their guide through the house and show them what needs to be done.
In addition try to arrive a bit prior to the movers at the destination once you make sure all of the items are moved to the delivery location.
There, movers will reposition your belongings to your preference.

11. A moment after

Once the movers leave, take a moment to have lunch, coffee and rest.  Unpack only the essentials that you need and sit back and relax. It is of utmost importance to try to relax your body and mind. Moving is the 3rd most stressful event in a person’s life, so give yourself a break.

12. Aftermath

After you unpacked the boxes, hopefully a day after the move, if everything went well feel free to leave your feedback to the company. If you see some damage or broken items, contact the company to report the damage and receive a proper compensation.