No matter if you are moving locally in Philadelphia, or you are planning to move to Philly, you are most likely wondering where to start the next part of your life. Which neighbourhood would be the best for you and which would fit your needs best? We might not be able to give you a straight answer to those questions, but we sure can help.
You can find our top picks of the best 10 areas of Philadelphia to move to below.

1. Manayunk

Only a 20 minute drive from the center of Philadelphia, Manayunk is located. It is commonly known as a place to drink, since there are a plethora of cafes, bars and restaurants – over 30 restaurants, over 20 bars and clubs to be more precise. There is something for everyone’s taste here.

Living here does come with a price. Since it offers both serenity of a suburb and hustle of the city, it gained huge popularity among young professionals. In recent years it became a hub for small local businesses. In addition, due to its proximity to six of Philadelphia’s best schools, Manayunk is a loved home to hundreds of college students. So no matter if you are just thinking about moving here alone, or with a family, Manayunk can offer you an abundance of opportunities.

2. Fairmount / Spring Garden

If you are a history, art or fitness lover, Fairmount might be the place for you. It is located in the vicinity of some of the greatest museums in the world, such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum, The Barnes Foundation and many, many more.
One of the famous ‘running up the stairs like Rocky’ moments  you can experience here or if jogging next to the river is your preferable style of training, Fairmount has you covered.
You can jog along a pedestrian lane along Schuylkill River. The banks of the river are truly mesmerizing, so if you wish to have some fresh air during the weekends or after work, this is the place for you. So, if you are looking for a place in Philly with that idyllic tree lined and welcoming neighborhood, Fairmount is the perfect place to move and live in.

3. City Center West

With a population of 32 thousand residents and median home value of $446,456 City Center West makes a perfect place to live for people who want to have a home to call their own. When moving, it is really important to determine if you can buy your own place or rent one. Here rent is among the highest in the Philadelphia area a staggering $1,469 per month. In addition, you are in vicinity of the Liberty Bell and famous cheesesteak in the world – philly cheesesteak.

4. Chestnut Hill

It is a well-known neighbourhood in Philadelphia in the north west. There are a plethora of private schools here as well. In addition, it is one of the safest places to live in Philadelphia. So if you are planning your local move in Philadelphia, PA to live with children, this just might be the place for you. Also, if you are moving for a bit of urban feel in Philly, Chestnut Hill can offer that as well.

5. City Center East

With a population of almost 27 thousand residents and median income of $76k, this is the 7th largest neighbourhood in Philadelphia. Having this in mind that today it is a major shopping district and transportation main point in the city it brings a lot of different people in its vicinity.
It might not be the best place to raise children, considering that the rent is on a higer end and that it has a higher crime rate than Chestnut Hill for example. However, being in the center of everything, brings a lot of business and life opportunities.

6. Schuylkill 

When it comes to Schuylkill, it is one of the neighbourhoods that is both well connected with all major parts of the town and it is also well adapted for living and moving with children.It is among the safest neighbourhoods in Philadelphia, with a total of 3,377 crimes committed in 2019. However, living here does come with a price. Median home value is just above $300k while median income is just below $72k. However, one thing to keep in mind is the fact that the unemployment rate here is at 5.4%.

7. Bustleton

Bustleton has a population of 32,544 residents from which almost 60% own their homes. Medial rent is among the lowest in Philadelphia, ranging from $800-$1300.
Among the most important features of Bustleton is the Bustleton Tavern that was established prior to the American Revolution. You will be a few steps from the Pennypack Park and Fairmount Park as well if you decide on moving locally here. In addition, there are plenty of commercial areas here so there are a lot of job opportunities here as well.

8. Academy Gardens

Academy Gardens is a neighborhood located in Far Northeast Philadelphia. It is a heaven for those who plan to move here for some peace and quiet. It is in the middle of everything one might need. Its approximate boundaries are Pennypack Park, Grant Avenue, the John F. Byrne Golf Course, and Holme Avenue. And you will not have to pay a pretty penny to live here. Median rent is below average for Philadelphia.

9. Roxborough

With a population of 31 thousand residents, Roxborough is one of the best connected parts of the city. Multiple bus routes and bike lanes connect the neighbourhood with the city center of Philly and the river as well.  Considering that Wissahickon Creek and its park physically separate Roxborough from the rest of the city, buses are real lifesavers here.
One of the interesting things about this neighbourhood are the ‘row homes’. Those date from the 19th century and provide that urban but historic flare. Also if you are considering moving here with your family, due to greenery and peace you can find here, this neighbourhood just might be for you.

10. Bella Vista

Bella Vista is one of the smallest but the most charming neighbourhoods of Philadelphia with a population of 6 thousand residents living here. The name Bella Vista originates from Italian and means ‘beautiful sight’. And it is truly beautiful. In 2016, Bella Vista was voted the best neighbourhood to live in Philadelphia. If you wish to sense a bit of Italy, this might be the community for you. There are annual Italian Market festivals, as well as numerous art exhibitions across the neighbourhood. And amazing food. Lets not forget that.