Being one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, moving comes with many questions to think about and plenty of challenges to overcome. Should I move by myself or hire professional movers? How am I supposed to organize my moving budget? Will my children be able to adapt to the new school and environment? How should I handle the utilities? Will my professional movers maybe damage my belongings and how am I supposed to handle that? And in the end, are you supposed to tip movers, how much to tip movers? Questions only arise and you find yourself in a loop of only thinking about the complexity of the process but not finding any solutions. 

Moving is everything but easy and simple, but there are ways to help yourself and make the whole process a lot more stress-free. There are thousands of websites online, mostly made by professional movers, whose main goal is to help you out and be your guide when it comes to this overwhelming event. Of course, it’s always recommended that you get in touch with some of the local movers and ask them everything you need, as well as get their estimate about the expenses and hear their opinion on challenges and difficulties that you need to overcome. In most cases, people usually realize that in the end, the least stressful and nerve-racking option is to get help from professional movers and put your mind at ease. 

However, even when you’ve decided that hiring professional movers is the best solution, there are still steps you need to take to make your moving go flawlessly and things you’re not quite familiar with. Since people who try to help and explain things to you are usually more focused on the pre-moving procedure, as well as moving day itself when sharing their tips and tricks, we decided to cover the less popular topic, but not a less important one – are you supposed to tip movers and how much to tip movers?

  • Are you supposed to tip movers?

First things first, let’s start with the basic question. Many of you wonder about how you are supposed to act when your professional movers come to your doorstep. The procedure is quite easy, they will do their job following an arranged schedule and protocol while you take your time to say the last goodbye to your home. Not much philosophy about that. However, when the moving comes to an end and it’s time to say goodbye to your professional movers, many people meet the dilemma of whether or not they’re supposed to tip their local movers and how they should act. It is rather simple. Whatever kind of service that you get, you usually tip the service providers if you’re satisfied with the way they handled the situation and want to show your gratitude. The same goes for your professional movers. Many people think that professional movers have the tip fee included in the bill, but it’s not the case, which is why it is a nice and polite gesture to say “thank you” for the work well done. However, you should also be aware of the fact that you’re not forced to tip your professional movers, and if you decide not to do so, it is completely and utterly up to you. 

We hope that we helped you with resolving the first dilemma about tipping your professional movers. These are the people who have to invest a lot of time and energy into making your relocation perfect and tipping them would be something that is expected but not an obligatory thing to do. Of course, there are certain situations in which it is completely justified not to tip your local movers and we’ll discuss them later as well. For now, it is good that we have the first question answered and we can move to the next one.

  • When and how to tip your professional movers?

Since people usually get confused with this step as well, we decided to clear everything out and really explain to you in detail the whole procedure of tipping your professional movers. We guess that you already know how things happen when your professional movers arrive at your doorstep, but let’s assume that it’s not the case, and before starting to talk about tipping the professional movers, briefly explain to you the procedure of moving itself. After your local movers arrive, they will look around and provide you with a time estimate. That is a point when you usually sign the contract with the main mover and they start working. Professional movers have many tasks to finish before they come to the point of deserving the tip. They disassemble and reassemble your furniture, pack your belongings, carry everything to the moving vehicle and when they come to the final point help you arrange big pieces of furniture around. All these tasks are everything but easy and they require skill and experience. That is why when the job is finished, it’s the best time to show appreciation for your professional movers’ hard work by tipping them. Of course, you won’t do this before you have everything checked and you’re sure that your belongings are moved in perfect condition and there’s nothing missing.

Since we answered the question about when it’s the best time to tip your professional movers, we should also resolve the dilemma about how to do it. The answer to this question is just as simple and logical as the previous one. No matter how many professional movers you have, it’s always best to tip every one of your local movers individually. Many people think that the main mover is the one who should get the tip and share it with others, but we definitely advise you to not take any chances whether the main mover is a person of his word and he’ll understand your intention well. If every one of your professional movers did the job correctly, they should all get their part of the tip and feel your gratitude and appreciation.

  • What to pay attention to when you decide how much to tip movers?

Deciding whether you should give your professional movers a great tip or just an okay one should be based on some things that we have to share with you. Of course, as you would’ve imagined, the number one thing when deciding on how much you should tip your professional movers is their performance, speed, and care about your belongings. Depending on which professional movers you choose, you’ll maybe have an opportunity to work with some outstanding people who can do their job in half of the time that would take some regular local movers or yourself. When you see that someone’s performance is highly above average, it’s nice that your tip also goes a little higher than it usually would. When you have decent, regular professional movers who do their job well, follow the procedure, and take their job seriously, a standard tip is perfectly fine to act of gratitude. However, if your local movers do their job poorly, their tip should be in accordance with that. 

This part you probably could’ve guessed, but there are also some special circumstances in which the job of your professional movers can be a lot more complicated than usual. For example, some things like big, heavy, and oddly-shaped furniture, buildings with no elevators and nearby parking space, or simply the fact that you haven’t prepared anything in advance and your movers come to a pretty messy situation should actually affect how much to tip movers. These are situations that require a lot of knowledge and experience and if your professional movers handle them flawlessly, they should be awarded for that properly. Also, weather circumstances can play a big role when it comes to the complexity of your moving and if the weather conditions are out of the ordinary and your professional movers still do their job as you’ve expected them to, you’ll probably want to tip them a little more as well.  

  • How much to tip movers?

Finally, we came to the point when we’ll resolve the big mystery on how much you actually should tip your professional movers according to some universal calculation. There are a few different pieces of advice when it comes to the amount of money you should give to your professional movers as a reward for their hard work. One of them that we consider the most convenient is that you pay $4-5/hour per mover if they did their job properly and you’re satisfied with their services. If they outdid themselves and if they surprised you with their efficiency and speed, you can go for $7-8/hour per mover. The more simple but, in our opinion, a little less accurate calculation is to follow the rule of paying approximately $10 per mover for half a day and $20 for a full day. The third way is to use percentages. The standard range is 5-10% of the cost of your move.

We consider the first way the best since it can be based on the performance of your movers and all the factors can be taken into consideration, but whichever you choose you won’t make a mistake. People like to complicate these things, but the truth is that your professional movers don’t really care about whether or not you followed some standard rules. After all, your local movers won’t bring calculators or come with expectations, they’ll be happy and pleased with the fact that you’ve thought about them and made an effort to honor their hard work. 

  • When not to tip movers?

We talked so much about tipping the professional movers and covered all the questions possible, but are there actually situations when your professional movers don’t really deserve any kind of praise or tip? Of course. We hope that you won’t have anything to do with any frauds and scammers out there who claim to be professional movers, but all they know how to do is to take your money and leave you with damaged furniture, wasted time, lost money, and more hopeless than you’ve been before you had sought for their help. That is the worst-case scenario, and nobody should get in a situation like this. That is why you have to invest a lot of time and energy into finding trustworthy and reliable local movers who will do their job in the best way possible. However, there are situations when your local movers aren’t frauds but aren’t really professional either. Some of the situations in which you definitely shouldn’t consider tipping your local movers are: damage of your belongings due to lack of attention and care; showing up outside of the scheduled time and taking longer than necessary to finish without a proper reason; being rude, disrespectful, or impolite in any way; leaving items behind, etc. In these situations, not only that you shouldn’t tip the movers, but it would be great if you informed the moving company about the attitude of their employees, wrote a review and explained the situations, and shared your experience with other people. Being one of the professional movers is everything but easy and it requires years of hard work, sacrifice, and investment. If someone calls himself a professional mover and behaves in the way mentioned above, then it’s your right to acknowledge that and spare others unpleasant experiences.

These are the fundamental questions when it comes to tipping your professional movers. We hope that we covered them thoroughly, but that we’ve also been concise and clear about the things that are bothering you. If you need any more pieces of advice regarding any part of your relocation or you need professional movers who can help you with all the steps along the way, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll try to make your relocation a piece of cake. The Moving Boys Philadelphia are eagerly waiting to meet every one of our potential customers and make your lives and relocations smooth and stress-free. Call us today and make your worries go away instantly.