We are one of the most well-known local professional moving companies in  Philadelphia.
Since the beginning of our work we set out to become the best and most loved moving company in Philadelphia.

So, in order to achieve that we managed to establish premium quality service in many aspects.

Starting from the trained professional movers, well-trained and monitored staff, insurance, to the  well-maintained trucks and equipment.
We wanted to make sure every client is a satisfied client. This might sound as a cliche but we always strive to find the best moving solution for all of your moving needs.

Also, moving is quite stressful so I want to make sure that the whole process does not cause any headache to you and your family.

The process is quite easy. First you will get in touch with our customer relocation specialist and they will make sure to guide you through all moving procedures. Afterwards, during the move, should you have any questions or concerns or feedback you can reach our customer care department at any point.

So if you are looking for top movers in Philadelphia, we are your best moving choice.

Why choose us?

Having in mind  that The Moving Boys Philadelphia  are in business for a very long time, we aspire to provide the best moving service in Philadelphia.

From the very beginning we made sure to make ourselves first when it comes to the best customer service, diligence, punctuality, professional service and the price.

Firstly, when you get in the first contact with our amazing customer relocation specialist you will encounter premium customer service. From the beginning to the end of the process you will have a dedicated moving consultant at your disposal at all times.
Our devoted team of professional movers will make sure to disassemble all of the furniture pieces for you and protect them with plastic wrap and moving pads. Afterwards we will assemble everything back for you and even reposition your items to your preference.

In addition, our movers are punctual, and they always give you a 30 minute notice.  Over the years we realised that our clients come back to us due to our understanding of their needs.

So, having that in mind, we wanted to make sure our prices are well-adjusted to all pockets.

We are not the least expensive out there, but we do offer a premium service for an affordable price.